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DG-600 Hand Truck

Aluminum hand truck, ultra strong and light. The preferred choice of the distribution market. Load capacity 600 lbs.

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Desmarais & Gagné inc. offers complete solutions for businesses searching for partners able to supply a full product support service from the early phase of product design and all the way to the final product manufacturing and packaging.

The experience acquired over the last 30 years of operation and through the accomplishment of many complicated projects for customers from various industry sectors, translated into a renowned and very enviable level of expertise for Desmarais & Gagné inc..

Numerous products and components have been manufactured for companies working in different industries such as : telecommunication, medical equipment, aeronautics, recreational vehicles, equipments for construction sites et many more.

The number and diversity of subcontract mandates accomplished through the years incited the company to invest in sophisticated equipment and to hire a highly qualified workforce in order to stay at the leading edge of technology.  These resources allow Desmarais & Gagné inc. to fulfill high volume orders while respecting tight tolerances and maintaining a high level of productivity.

Since the beginning of its operation the company displayed flexibility, ingenuity and a constant effort towards perfection in identifying solutions allowing to take a project from its initial phase to a successful conclusion; the final product. All this is made possible with the integration of many production techniques and with the collaboration of numerous specialized partners from related or complementary industry sectors.

  In order to maintain its leadership in the industry, Desmarais & Gagné inc. devotes constant efforts in employee training and is always on the lookout for novelties in productivity and efficiency improvements as well as in emerging new equipment. Customer satisfaction is and has always been the top priority for all company personnel.

For all the above reasons, Desmarais & Gagné inc. has become the number one choice for a large number of companies from Canada and the United States.
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Desmarais & Gagné inc.
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