Photos and options

Photos and options

Extra sturdy aluminium hand truck made in North America.

More than 5000 hand trucks in circulation

DG-600 Hand Truck

Aluminium hand truck, ultra strong and light. The preferred choice of the distribution market. Load capacity: 600 lbs.

Hand truck extension

Will increase your hand truck’s height from 46″ to 53″ for tall stocking.

Curb Ramps

Light and easy to carry. Allows you to get over the sidewalk without effort.

Aluminium ramps

Light and sturdy, it will easily help you to get over 2 to 4 steps at one time.

23″ x 36″ = 600 lbs
23″ x 45″ = 500 lbs
23″ x 57″ = 400 lbs


The nylon slider will help you to get up and down the stairs.

Removable drum mount

Easy to install, allows you to carry barrels and cylinders safely.