10 excellents reasons

10 excellents reasons

10 excellentes reasons to buy a DG-600 Hand Truck.

1. Heavy-duty

Made using T6061 T6 aluminium all components are fully welded. Made from the same type of material used in the production of concept airplanes.

2. Corrosion resistance

No paint application or surface maintenance is necessary thanks to the high quality aluminium materials used.

3. Very light

Weighing only 32lbs (14.5 kg), it can be easily manipulated without risk of injury and can withstand heavy loads.

4. All aluminium

Aluminium is a very strong and lightweight material, produced in North America.

5. Can carry up to 600 pounds

The Hand-truck is designed carry loads of up to 600lbs while maintaining excellent manoeuvrability

6. The dimensions offered

The DG-600 Hand-truck offers a choice of pallets ranging from 8 inches to 12 inches deep, 18 ¾ inches wide and 46 inches tall excluding any additional add-ons.

7. Ses accessoires et options incontournables

Our Hand Truck is one of the most versatile and specialized carriers on the market thanks to its various accessories and options :

  • stair-climbers
  • aluminium ramps
  • Curb ramps
  • removable drum mount
  • heavy-duty chassis

8. Ergonomic design and use

The Hand-truck is ergonomically designed all thanks to an excellent center of gravity which avoids any injury to the user.

9. No bolts tied to its structure

The structure of the Hand-truck is fully welded and conforms to all welding standards, only the additional options are secured using hardware. No maintenance is required on the chassis for long-term use.

10. A strong reputation

More than 5000 Hand-trucks are in circulation in North America. It is the preferred choice in the retail sector due to its robust design and exceptional manoeuvrability.

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